Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Milwaukee Continues To Build Affordable Housing: Will Suburbs Do Their Share?

Even in a tough economy, Milwaukee is figuring out how to continue to build affordable housing.

I'd love to see suburban communities get as creative.


Anonymous said...

Housing nationally has been devalued by tens of trillions of dollars. If it isn't affordable yet, then what more can we do to help your crappy agenda?

You really don't get any of this, do you?

James Rowen said...

To Anon: Falling housing prices have nothing to do with this discussion. The same bad economy knocking down housing prices is also increasing unemployment and forcing many people to search for more affordable housing.

And where was the suburban commitment to affordable housing when the economy was stronger?

And how is this a "crappy agenda?"

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is when the burbs don't build affordable housing they increase their traffic and congestion. There was just a report out that showed in Waukesha 41% of the people who work there can't afford to live there, so well you've just put a ton of cars on the road.