Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Sign That Pabst Farm Mall Interchange Should Be Scrapped

Readers of this blog have perhaps seen the frequent posts about the state transportation department's unjustifiable plan to hurry up and build a $25 million interchange to that dreamy, upscale Pabst Farm shopping mall off I-94 in Western Waukesha County's Sprawlville District - - a mall that has yet to break ground.

Now we learn that not a single tenant for the mall, already cancelled by one developer, has yet to be signed, and what are the odds that in a recession, this mall will ever be built?

The state and local officials have to deep-six this Interchange to Nowhere and redirect that $25 million into pothole filling, transit expansion or other good uses.


Wayne Clingman said...

Pabst Farms like KRM needs a stake in the heart.

Anonymous said...

What a novel idea. Fix it first.

James Rowen said...

Pabst Farms would have a better chance of surviving if it had a rail connection.

Anonymous said...

Yes sir the 1000+ who each day beg to ride mass transit demand it.

James Rowen said...

To Colt; Any transit link to Pabst Farms would been a boon to the dead housing market there, the retail that won't come, the businesses that could use a shot in the arm a transit connection would offer.

Right now, it's an isolated island.

The stranget thing is that Pabst Farms wants to offer city-like amenities, but without one major piece of infrastructure cities have: transit.

Anonymous said...


For a man who dislikes urban sprawl
you sure seem want it here.
One good thing about Obama fear we will not see much sprawl and as Obama fear becomes real we see more move back into the closer Milwaukee suburbs. (Few in their right mind will willing live in the Crime/Tax hell called The City of Milwaukee)