Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fine Essay On Wind Energy - - By A High Schooler

The wonderful website Daily Yonder - - beat that name, if you can! - - put up an award-winning essay on wind power and the future of rural America.

Check it out.

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Anonymous said...

Wisconsin can lead the way in Wind Energy and with in get the 10,000+'s jobs and billions in investments.
Too bad that Milwaukee with it's high taxes poor schools and high crime will see little of it.

The group New North has taken the time and government/business working together has insured that northern Wisconsin will receive the benifets of Wind Power coming to this State.

Just think when you jack up the local taxes to pay for KRM wheel taxes in Milwaukee to pay for the declining tax base due to loss of Middle upper classes seeking better things for their kids
You will be reading about how Horicon gets the new blade plant with 50 jobs unsted of Milwaukee.
And their is none to blame other then Milwaukee you have done this to yourself