Friday, December 12, 2008

Wind Energy Project Slowed In Monroe County, WI

One step forward, two steps back.


Joseph Thomas Klein said...

A major Lake Michigan Mid-Lake Plateau wind farm has the potential of being to the Midwest what the Bonneville Dam was to the Northwest ... in terms of jobs and cheap CO2 neutral energy ... with much more benign effects on the environment.

Obama should support a Mid-Lake Plateau wind farm in the fashion of FDR's support for the Bonneville Dam.

Milwaukee, having the best harbor on the western Great Lakes, is the logical construction camp.

Wayne Clingman said...

Joe guess again the group the New North has all ready laid the groundwork for wind energy in this State as Milwaukee taxes it's self to death and uneducate the youth, counties in the New North area are ready to rock. Maybe some one should ask M7 why they can't even get it together to have a display at the largest wind power gathering in the world located less then 100 mi away?