Monday, December 22, 2008

Substantive TV: Gousha/Gassman On Wisconsin Employment

The smartest guy in the Milwaukee TV biz talks about jobs and the state economy with Roberta Gassman, Wisconsin's Secretary of Workforce Development.

The piece is a good, no b.s. combination of questions and answers.

The economic climate is obviously stressed in Wisconsin, and nationally; it's good to hear that Wisconsin's unemployment trust fund is well-positioned, and that routien federal lending to that program for unemployed workers is available, too - - because as Secretary Gassman tells Gousha, job losses such as those at General Motors in Janesville will ripple through the state workforce beyond next year.


Anonymous said...

The UAW workers at Janesville get full pay for three years. Boo Hoo
And we get to pay for it. Car prices and taxes.

Anonymous said...

To colt,

I have not had the time to research your point of full payment for three years, but if it is because these workers had union agreements which guaranteed these kind of severance packages, I would suggest that the rest of us working stiffs get together and start bargaining to keep us working in this country and demanding enough of a wage to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.

Please reference some further information when you make these seemingly whining comments so others might have a better understanding of your POV. Sorry, that means "point of view."

Anonymous said...


Ever think the reason why American cars cost so much more then others is the high cost of UAW benefits?
And there is no way in God's earth that your can force companies to stay in America.
Source on the way

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas

Colt, I didn't mean to go and get something immediately, but it is often hard to figure out exactly where you are coming from through the emotion you express.

I'm 30 years in residential construction and the people that actually produce the product, put in their whole lives, miss their childrens' growing up years and risk personal injury in big ways and wear out their bodies and souls deserve the compensation they get through a good union contract. Published all over the last few weeks, employee compensation is 10% of the cost of the vehicle. Compare that to huge corporate salaries paid for mismanaging a company so that it fails to make changes to bring to market a product for a post peak oil economy and you are simply barking up the wrong tree.