Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Scott Walker's Set-Piece Gubernatorial Run Already Underway

There's something amateurishly superficial that borders on self-parody for Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker to say he's going to wait to decide whether to run for Governor after seeing what incumbent Gov. Jim Doyle puts in his next budget.

And what the "people" think about that budget.

Please: stop with the condescension.

Does anyone really believe that Doyle would budget to mollify our county exec - - the same guy that dropped out during the last gubernatorial primary for a lack of gravitas and money?

And what might Doyle's Walker-avoidance strategy be?

A billion dollars to fund unfunded mandates?

Even more freeway lanes?

Financing for a capital punishment wing at the supermax state prison at Boscobel?

A state law that rewards county budgets put together with smoke, mirrors, Ouija boards and Monopoly money?

Another state law that mandates prison for any county employee caught riding light rail in another city?

This 'maybe-I-will/maybe-I-won't candidacy is on the same level as a candidate's exploratory committee formation, coupled with a pre-declaration announcement faux non-announcement.

The suspense is not killing me.


Anonymous said...

Mr Rowen,

This post almost tops the sled-dog solution for mass-transit. Thanks for your seemingly tireless dedication to exploration of the issues. Looking forward to 09. All the best for the new year.

James Rowen said...

Thanks for reading and participating. We need to make '09 a year of good policy in WI.

Anonymous said...

Governor Walker will be good for Wisconsin.

Joseph Thomas Klein said...

Your link has that picture of Walker in front of the 48 star flag again. He was born under the 50 star flag, what is with that?

James Rowen said...

I believe Walker is permitted to disregard two states with high concentrations of Light Rail.