Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Stale Data: SEWRPC Website Lists One Group On Its Useful Links Page

Oh, SEWRPC, could you meet one simple New Year's request, and do some outreach and updating to your 'please-don't-look-at-me' website?

For example, your home page offers "Useful Links."

Some links to municipalities are offered, along with links to the state's other regional planning commissions (more about that in a moment) and then there is a link to one environmental consortium.


That's it - - for a seven-county region with about 1.8 million people, the state's largest city, most of the state's financial and business centers, and, well you know the story.

Want a visual and substantive contrast: Check out the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission site, here - - and hey, it's got actual photographs on it to draw you in.

But don't bother clicking on the link to the Capital Area RPC provided on SEWRPC's useful links list, because the dead link appears to be trying to find the moribund Dane County Regional Planning Commission site - - - - instead.

Are you telling me that in its list of regional planning commissions in the state, SEWRPC has yet to note that the Dane County RPC went out of business in May, 2007?

Just another stale SEWRPC webpage that doesn't look like it's been updated for a longggg time.

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