Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WMD Located

They were in the White House.


Anonymous said...

read this before my second cup of coffee and expected to find a link to a story, then the gray matter kicked out the names, Bush, Cheney Addington, Woo, Rumsfelt, Greenspa.... and they kept coming until I grabbed that second cup to recover. Woke me up!!!

Anonymous said...

Please tell that to the Kurds and others who were gassed.
You might want to read about what the UN found after gulf I too.
Do not worry my guess is by 2010 Iran will have nukes and even toss a few at Israel, hope you can look yourself in the mirror after a few 10,000+ die becuse the nuts in Iran and the fools in DC who would do nothing to stop them.
Even better maybe weapon gets to say Chicago. Make a pretty light a few 1,000+ dead and lots of Urban renewal projects