Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sykes-Walker Love Fest Sounded Like A Campaign Donation

Talker Charlie had Scott Walker on for a half-hour of political chit-chat this morning.

Nothing special. Walker had Christmas treats to drop off and the Republican lovebirds just shot the breeze...

Scott had anecdotes to share from his recent trip to the Republican Governors Association meeting, and the 2010-GOP gubernatorial-candidate-in-waiting reminded Charlie that every GOP incumbent governor on the ballot in November got re-elected because people like fiscal conservatives in the their state houses.

Scott said there was no problem with the GOP's message: it just needed better messengers.

Pretty self-serving.

The chums rambled on, bashing commuter rail - - note to readers: now that light rail is off the table politically, commuter rail is the far right's new fake phobia - - and couldn't even resist holding back a fully-sympathetic eulogy for Paul Weyrich, one of the conservatives' Godfathers and a Wisconsin guy, too, because Weyrich, who died suddenly this morning at 66, liked trains.

Weyrich, an ally of former Mayor John Norquist's on the rail issue despite their party differences, thought government's monopoly provision of highways violated free market principles because it withheld the rail choice from taxpayers.

That is how ideologically-rigid these guys are: even Weyrich, who founded The Heritage Foundation, takes a political shot in his home state (he was from Racine) before people have made their plans to get to the funeral.

I'm not a fan of the so-called radio fairness doctrine, which once upon a time required that overt political air time be handed out equally between parties because the government owns the airwaves, and I don't think there will be a serious move towards reinstating it despite conservative talkers' Machiavellian, ratings-driven hand-wringing on the subject, but freebies like this morning's half-hour handed to the Republican Walker this morning by AM 620's lead talker and unabashed Republican booster gives supporters of the fairness doctrine their ammo.


Anonymous said...

Why stop at Radio or TV? Maybe bloggers should be affected by the government crackdown of Free speech I mean the Fairness Doctrine? Or another maybe better idea we will have Obama appoint groups to monitor what is said or written can't have hate speech.

If you do not like what Sykes has to say turn him off easy but wait we must not let the Sheeple hear anything other then the Party line

Anonymous said...

Sykes would be much less popular and powerful if the mainstream press was, at the very least, restrained in their partisan leanings.

This election cycle was embarrassing and irresponsible.

Feel free to turn off Sykes, just as I felt free to turn of NBC.

James Rowen said...

I listen to conservative talk radio so I know what a range of people is saying.

xoff said...

The Fairness Doctrine has nothing to do with equal time, although Sykes & Co. act like it does. It just means occasioanlly allowing some other point of view to make it onto the airwaves. What's wrong with that?

This show was the first of two years of campaign donations to Walker and others from corporate media firm Journal Communications and WTMJ. There's a lot wrong with that.

James Rowen said...

Those people who buy the informercial call-in time on the weekends - - like Fox World Travel and The Mutual Fund Store - - should complain that they have to pay for what Walker/Clarke/Any 'Ol Republican get for free.

Patrick said...

Funny, two years ago when Scott Walker joined Michael McGee Sr. on his radio show after delivering Christmas cookies and treats to WNOV, the silence from the left was deafening. But join the evil Sykes, and, oh, such a terrible thing.