Friday, December 12, 2008

GOP Senators Invite Depression Over Anti-Union Biases

The Republican Party is continuing its march towards political marginalization by blocking the lending bill to aid GM and Chrysler.

The hypocrisy is overwhelming: Republican senators in southern states with Japanese car-making plants in their states, where lesser wages are paid, sticking it to Michigan and Ohio and Wisconsin and other states, where UAW workers make higher pay through federally-protected collective bargaining.


Anonymous said...

Your comment says it all. Federally protected higher wage union workers in the north. Thats a problem right there. Its called comparative economics. If we priced ourselves out of the market with poor quality and low productivity, deserve exactly whats happening. The Japanese tried teaching the US automakers management processes in the 1980's, must have been a fad...

Anonymous said...

Sure blame the GOP just like every other Union hack.

It is the UAWs fault this bill failed. Unwilling to make concessions and expecting the tax payers to bail them out. Don't we already pay enough for the cars we buy so they can have full paid pensions, free high end health care and more holidays than a postal worker.

I have bought American cares every time I have bought one.

Even if bailed out it is just a matter of time before the UAW kills the US auto industry. Thanks to the UAW in a few years I will not be able to buy a vehicle produced by an American company.

Oh, and don't look now the same thing is headed for Wisconsin Public Employees and Teachers.

The public tax roles can only support so much GREED.

James Rowen said...

To the last Anon:

I think the UAW has been giving back for years. American vehicles are losing market share because of product selection made at the corporate level.

Let's try and keep the name-calling down a bit, eh?

Anonymous said...

We should all read the Detroit Free Press stories on how the UAW works with the big three. They both are at fault and need to go away.
Obama MUST pay off the UAW in some way but he then will upset the vast number of Americans that get to pay for the UAW's wages and bennies.
Obama is looking more like Carter every day.