Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jon Stewart's Intellect On Full Display During Interview With Mike Huckabee

For those who missed Tuesday, December 9th's Daily Show with Jon Stewart, I'm posting a link to the entire show so you can watch Stewart's two-part interview with former Governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

Ostensibly, Huckabee was there to sell a book, Do The Right Thing, about conservative thinking to position himself for a 2012 GOP nomination presidential run, but Huckabee became a foil for the insightful and passionate Stewart in an extra-long book author segment.

Two things about this remarkable 14+ minutes:

1. The Daily Show's satirical platform provides more news and informed commentary than other 'real' news programs because it is in the hands of a really smart guy who has the ratings to get first-rate guests.

2. You can have serious and civil discourse about issues like gay rights, though Huckabee's "A" game - - remember, he was the one with the ideas to pitch - - came right back at him as unreturnable against Stewart.

I'd seen Stewart strongly turn a book author's ideas back onto a guest when neo-con Iraq war planner Douglas Feith's publicist ridiculously agreed to let the author become Stewart's debating plaything.

No one yelled or screamed, but Feith lost what was clearly an unfair fight. Link here.

I predict the Stewart-Huckabee gets archived and circulated as an influential piece of the national gay rights' discussion.

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