Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Commuter Rail Champion To Be New US Secretary Of Commerce

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is a good choice for Commerce Department Secretary because he understands the need for commuter rail - - a deficiency in the so-called transportation mix in Wisconsin.

Richardson has supported the connection by commuter rail of Santa Fe, New Mexico's capital city, with Albuquerque, the state's largest city.

The line is long overdue, as Santa Fe is not served by scheduled airlines, forcing tourists and business travelers flying into Albuquerque to rent cars or take a bus for the hour+ drive north to the capital.

The commuter rail line will be a business boon to both cities, much as would happen if Madison could get connected by rail to Milwaukee, and on to Chicago.


Anonymous said...

Historically, WI had Chicago to points north, Superior and Brule and Eagle River, Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay, passenger rail that fed the very early years of tourism in these areas. The auto brought the general demise of the passenger rail services.

The state's northern regions should be looking at and asking for consideration of the feasibility for rebirth of these rail systems. In the near future, people unable to drive and having the proportion of income formerly tied up in an auto to spend, will still want to vacation and will likely have the means to do so.

Wayne Clingman said...

Grand Jury I think might be thinking Wait Bill we have a few questions for and the nice FBI would like to talk to you some more.

dadofone So I am going to take the train 8 hrs to and from Green Bay in a train when I can drive in 3 hrs and not be tied to how far I can walk from the train. Ah no.