Friday, June 5, 2020

Vos ignores his home county's ugly Covid-19 numbers

WI GOP Assembly Speaker and Racine County State Rep. loads up his Twitter feed with cherry-picked jobs' data and Covid-19 testing data, but he's yet to focus on it, let alone take any responsibility for the escalation of pandemic cases in his home county 
Racine Now Has Worst COVID-19 Outbreak in Wisconsin
following his 'win' in the State Supreme Court that knocked out Gov. Evers 'Safer-at-Home' policy.

Racine County's time in this nasty spotlight is approaching a month, paralleling Vos's public health monkey-wrenching:
There are more than 3,000 counties in the US, and Robin Vos represents Racine County which had the 10th-fastest growth in Covid-19 cases in the nation, data reveal.
Study: Racine COVID-19 growth 10th fastest in nation


Katrina said...

You just know he is going to blame "others" from illinois. Can't you just feel it? What a monster.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the danger of the post office going bankrupt and Donald Trump's fear of Mail-in ballots is probably just a coincidence, right?