Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Walker has debt tantrum, is silent on Trump's $5+ trillion upper. And borrowing for Foxconn

The flickering dim bulbs on this string are definitely disconnected.

After promising to wipe out the US national debt in two terms, failed businessman and super-failing 'President' Donald Trump has already presided over an increase in that debt of $5.2 trillion.

A fact disregarded by the defeated, multi-billion-squandering and big borrowing boosting
ex-Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who shilled on Twitter Tuesday for one of his pet 'causes.'

Jeepers: isn't there anyone Walker could call about this?
We need a Balanced Budget Amendment - before it’s too late!
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Katrina said...

President Bone spurs and EX governor FoxConn can bliovate all they want about deficits and budgets. The evidence shows both are so very unqualified to spend tax money.