Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Walker's tweeted, twisted banality hitting new bottom

"We have more in common that most people think."

Seriously, what does Walker have in common with people marching for justice, and scrambling for work, health care, good schools and respect from police, judges and lawmakers?

And how does Walker' Tweeted piety square with his having tried to scare upscale suburbanites with a deafening, recall-election centered dog-whistle about Milwaukee - where he’d served nearly nine years as the publicly-paid but clearly disinterested and disconnected county executive - and how is America still the "shining beacon on the hill that people are drawn to..."when Walker's champion Donald Trump has caged seized children at the southern border and separated them from their parents looking for a better life?

The same 'President' who has blocked asylum-seekers and other immigrants who do have a lot in common with earlier generations of Americans - a reality overlooked by the defeated ex-Wisconsin governor and champion of divide-and-conquer politics whose hollow messages contradict his words, actions and party's inhumane agendas.

And, by the way, 'travel the country' as Walker suggests - and his Twitter feed shows him at the airport today, so there he goes again -  is hardly an option for millions of Americans who do not share Walker's cushy paid speaking gigs, upscale cruising opportunities and related political work funded by wealthy right-wing organizations who are busy organizing for the Walker-Trump goal of a  more reactionary country to serve and strengthen a whiter electorate and corporate America:
...Travel the country. You will be surprised to see that we have more in common than most people think. Sure, we have our challenges but America is still an amazing place and the shining beacon on the hill that people are drawn to from around the world!


Katrina said...

The places he goes and the people he speaks to and meet are just like him. I doubt he meets anyone who doesn't agree with his values. So yea, it probably seems like everyone has things in common with him.

Katrina said...

You forgot the best part of his tweet "I blame social media." Walker tweets several times a day in an effort to influence people using social media. He's on facebook and instagram too. I bet there are social media platforms none of us have heard of that that Walker uses every day. He often tweets in support of the President* who can't seem to put his phone down for even a second.

Mortified West Allis Resident said...

Ever notice that Scott Walker's posted bible verses never cite Sermon on the Mount? I guess it's just not important or relevant to his politics.

James Rowen said...

To Katrina - Yes, Walker is all over the same social media he blames for people being divided. What a contradiction.

Anonymous said...

Katrina, don't you remember when Walker came to rural Wisconsin for open town hall meetings? Remember when he met with public school teachers? Oh, that's right, he hid like the cowardly loser he is from any open meeting. Who can blame him, because remember when he was attacked in LaCrosse? Oh, thats right it never happened. What do you expect when his mom was grocery shopping and was spit on? Oh, that's right, it never happened. Remember when Scooter told the truth on something? Me neither.