Friday, June 19, 2020

Great Trump data can showcase his Tulsa triumph

It makes perfect sense for Trump to rally his re-election supporters Saturday in Tulsa: 

Official seal of Tulsa, Oklahoma

For example, while Trump's routine lying of late is up slightly, he's still just under 24 per day, so hasn't entered the lie-every-hour territory some sociopaths actually fear entering  - unless you deduct the hours he's sleeping off a rage tweeting attack and then the math doesn't look so rosy.

Other numbers for Trump also rate bragging rights:

* Covid-19 deaths reported on his watch a few months after he said they would disappear like magic are still under 119,000, though that number is likely to go higher before Trump takes the stage in Tulsa. And for at least another year into Biden's early Presidential months, but until then Trump can fall back on 'Hillary's 30,000 emails!,' and, problem solved.

* And it's been forever, like three days, since any top aide's tell-all book about Trump has led the news. Though Trump's niece is said to be readying her tell-all book about Trump family "trauma, neglect and abuse." So nasty.

* Finally, it's been a lifetime - ten days - since any Trump offspring was found to have billed the taxpayers more than $75,000 for personal security while killing exotic animals halfway across the globe. Burisma Benghazi, buddy. 

So clearly Trump has a lot to celebrate in Tulsa Saturday - and soon upstate in our own Wisconsin - so let Republicans revel in those numbers, dismiss fake polls and political writers and tear off that wimpy mask, Bucky: MegaMagaDon deserves his due.

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