Friday, June 26, 2020

Trump's list of US expendables now includes the GOP

If there is a method to Trump's ghoulish pre-election move to kill off Obamacare just as the US Covid-19 death toll heads for 200,000 it's to fertilize a new strongman party with the ashes of the GOP.

And if that 'plan' fails, and Trump comes out of the election with self-inflicted political martyrdom, no problem for him, because he's clearly without interest in the confines of a presidency as the founders structured it.

Losing would let him spend the rest of his life holding rallies, airing grievances and raising defense fund finances with self-promoting informercials on late night right-wing TV book-ended by pitches for reverse mortgages and survivalist food prep. 

I'd been saying the GOP under Trump had become a Death Cult for policies that discounted workplace safety during the pandemic - let alone that routinely disregard for clean air and safe drinking water so donors can make more money and keep the corporate state fat and financed -

- but I didn't realize until now that Trump would sacrifice the remaining husk of the Republican Party - and the 200,000 people in Wisconsin enrolled in Obamacare - to keep selling red hats, and his own ego.

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