Monday, June 15, 2020

Scott Fitzgerald, busy with minutiae, delays clean drinking water measures

Public health crises from racism and Covid-19 rightly have our attention, and responsible official holders are all expected to remain focused on the people's pending priorities.

Unless you're the hyper-partisan and institutionally-slothful Wisconsin State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald - 

Wisc Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.jpg

- who still won't reconvene (electronically is permissible) the Senate and take up scores of pending measures including a set of reforms which can address long-standing rural well water contamination.

Noted and documented on this blog repeatedly, including in this post 17 months ago:

Data show what people in Kewaunee County and the Central Sands region who live near the industrial-scale Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, or CAFOs, already know: 
Their drinking water is contaminated:
WI Central Sands the next Flint? Kewaunee County already soaks up that honor.
Mind you, the cleaner water legislation which Fitzgerald has yet to put to a vote is so modest that even the Robin Vos/GOP-led Wisconsin Assembly passed it in February.

Fitzgerald signaled six weeks ago he'd get the Senate back in session, albeit sometime this year - a weak commitment clearing time for Fitzgerald to keep his campaign for retiring US Cong. Jim Sensenbrenner's House seat front and center.

In recent days, Can't-Be-Bothered Fitzgerald has found the time through his campaign Twitter feed to post birthday greetings to Sensenbrenner and Donald Trump. 

And to celebrate on June 12 the opening of a GOP campaign office in Jefferson County. Yippee!

It was an honor to participate in the opening of the new Republican Party of Jefferson County campaign headquarters yesterday in Watertown along with @RebeccaforReal, @JohnJagler, @Dittrich4the38, @CodyHorlacher and more. Great to see all the grassroots energy!
And to pretend through retweeting on May 27th that he has a role in putting professional sports back into play:

I’m continuing to seek input from groups like Wisconsin’s professional sports teams on how the state can be helpful in their return to play. 

And my personal Fitzgerald Folly: the campaign account retweeting on May 21 a pronunciation guide to "Oconomowoc" for new Brewer ballplayers:

Oconomowoc (O-con-O-mO-walk) n.1. A city in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, United States. 
2. An incredibly difficult name for these guys to spell.
Here are some other difficult names more familiar in Kewaunee County, for example, which Fitzgerald can't find the time to address:
...nitrate, coliform bacteria, human fecal microbes, bovine fecal microbes...


Anonymous said...

Heck James, the GOP wouldn't even help fund lead pipe replacement to the modest level proposed in the governor's budget. It was a no-brainer of a funding proposal.

James Rowen said...

Yes, sad but true, as noted here:

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to get this fool out of Wisconsin. Now he wants the staffer who ordered the call recording to be outed or he wants a felony charge. I would really like to have a conversation with this idiot. Oh that's right, he doesn't get out much.
Three simple points:
1. If he wasn't such a liar and lowlife, the call wouldn't need to be recorded.
2. Every conversation between the legislator and the governor should be recorded. Why is he opposed to having open government???
3. Why isn't the state media pushing for real open government at the state level?

Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen that article. I was thinking of this one.

Anonymous said...

It's so painfully obvious that Fitz and Vos are desperate to distract from their juvenile "we broke it, now we expect you to fix it" approach to post Stupreme Court "open 'er up" decision.

And speaking of transparency...Senators Bewley and Miller are demanding some reforms to virtual Senate sessions after the way debate was suppressed in the last one.