Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Confusion alert? Vos's home county has 10th fastest Covid-19 increase.

There are more than 3,000 counties in the US, and Robin Vos represents Racine County which had the 10th-fastest growth in Covid-19 cases in the nation, data reveal.
Study: Racine COVID-19 growth 10th fastest in nation
Top 10 out of more than 3,000. Will that number confuse him, too?

Maybe he should be spending less time grandstanding, or playing doctor dress

up or starring in Law and Order GOP, and more time educating and leading in the real fight against the virus.


Anonymous said...

Things are not going well for Vos this week. About time.

Anonymous said...

Bossy Vos has eleven, thirteen or fourteen overpaid and underworked aides on the state payroll at any given time. Especially egrigous during layoffs, furloughed workers and paycuts in the legitimate workforce. Vos's aides are paid six-figure salaries and receive Cadillac benefits. They don't have minimum paying jobs. Kit Beyer got a $20,000 raise and her income is $120,000, while other people in the popcorn czar's capitol office enjoy close to $130,000 salaries. Why doesn't this disparity at taxpayer expense attract scrutiny from the mainstream media? Vos and his ilk are a huge liability.

Mars said...

Have you sent this info on to a source that could inform the people via broader audience?