Thursday, June 18, 2020

Tiffany opens Congressional service with a going-nowhere bill

Newly-minted WI GOP Congressman Tom Tiffany 
Tom Tiffany (WI-07).jpg

has already stumbled out of the starting blocks with a first bill that would force any school district which does not reopen in the fall to lose funding.

Yeah, that'll help kids learn.

Of course, the Democratically-controlled US House of Representatives would not be passing's such a dumb, blunt instrument, and if Tiffany survives re-election in the fall he'll probably have to get used to being a full-time member of the GOP minority with little to do except complaining, issuing news releases and holding fund-raisers.

It won't be like the good old days when Tiffany served in the GOP-run state legislature and was able to get Scott Walker on the phone and, presto, climate science defunded.


Anonymous said... June 16 - WSAW-TV

"Representative Tiffany says because data shows kids aren’t as affected, it should be safe to return to school....But for the adults in the school with underlying conditions, Tiffany has a plan to keep them safe. 'Find a replacement person for that. Make sure that they’re protected,' Representative Tiffany said."

A 'replacement person?" Huh???

Speaker Nancy eats shredded junk bills like this as breakfast cereal!

For a rational chaser from opposing candidate Tricia Zunker see also:

Katrina said...

Who does Tiffany serve? How many private schools even exist in his district? What will happen to people if they close the public schools? How will parents work if they are home schooling? Is ignorance and poverty the goal for the northern part of the state? How much money did Scott Jensen give Tiffany?

Anonymous said...

Tiffany is an idiot, yet he still got elected???
Someone please answer this question: Tiffany claims that he was a successful business man, yet he rarely paid anything back in income tax. Is he a liar and a failure at business, or a tax cheat?
He is really a moron so I say liar and failure.

BillSell said...

Tiffany will have competition for the seat. Tricia Zunker whom he defeated, but not a terrible showing for a newbie. Send her donations.