Tuesday, June 9, 2020

On Covid-19 science, Vos jumps the gun, shoots self in foot

Robin Vos just can't stop wrapping himself in bad Covid-19 coverage, moving from his April self-parody-' incredibly safe' costuming

- to getting too far ahead on Tuesday of a World Health Organization story about Covid-19's spread which he had politicized on Twitter before WHO correctly clarified it and undermined Vos's overly-eager and self-serving manipulation.

This WHO debunking effectively left Vos punked (or does a debunking lead to a sap being 'bunked?'):
A top World Health Organization official clarified on Tuesday that scientists have not determined yet how frequently people with asymptomatic cases of Covid-19 pass the disease on to others, a day after suggesting that such spread is “very rare.”
The clarification comes after the WHO’s original comments incited strong pushback from outside public health experts, who suggested the agency had erred, or at least miscommunicated, when it said people who didn’t show symptoms were unlikely to spread the virus. 
Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO’s technical lead on the Covid-19 pandemic, made it very clear Tuesday that the actual rates of asymptomatic transmission aren’t yet known.
Shorter version, as the CNN headline puts it: 'There's much unknown.'  

Remember, this is a new virus, and the entire situation is extremely fluid, but Vos had already taken to Twitter Tuesday morning to aim the first WHO release against "liberals" whom he said gotten the Covid-19 science "wrong."

Which is not the case.

So much of the "science" that people told us in the beginning is now being proven wrong by actual data and facts. Remember this the next time liberals belittle anyone who questions government authority or their opinions.

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Mitch said...

It probably doesn’t matter to Vos, but his county has the highest per capita COVID-19 infection rate in Wisconsin. You’d think this would inspire a sense of urgency in Vos, but Vos’ mind doesn’t work that way.