Monday, June 29, 2020

Big city Milwaukee has state park, separate state forest

In addition to a noted wealth of city and county parks (thank you, wise legacy Socialist leaders), I thought I'd remind people that in the City of Milwaukee there also is Havenswood State Forest on the northwest side, and Lakeshore State Park downtown east of the Summerfest grounds.
Bike riders pedaled a Lakeshore State Park trail in August above the Summerfest lagoon in downtown Milwaukee. Lake Michigan is beyond the ridge.
I'm posting this because you don't necessarily associate state parks and forests with "urban." 

And because I'll never get Walker's broad, public smear in Waukesha County of Milwaukee out of my head
People do not want to see Wisconsin "become another Milwaukee," he said.
He took that calculated shot despite the multiple thousands of local people and businesses who for years kicked in through their taxes to keep him on public payrolls, enrolled in health care and boost his growing pensions.

Walker now lives in a downtown Milwaukee condo where the city and its taxpayers clean the water, groom nearby Cathedral Park, built and maintain the close-by Riverwalk which also adds value to his property, and provide many other services and amenities which smooth out his routines. 

Would that there were more gratitude in his attitude.

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