Thursday, June 11, 2020

Trump to make acceptance speech in Jacksonville-named after slave owner

Remember when Trump upended the plan to put underground railroad hero Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill to replace the slave owning Andrew Jackson?

Andrew Jackson.jpg

Well, Trump's connection with Jackson is about to get tighter.

Begin with, a) Trump loves Andrew Jackson, b) despite Jackson's brutal history of slave-owning -
Records show he beat his slaves, including doling out a brutal public whipping to a woman he felt had been “putting on airs.” And when slaves ran away, he pursued them, putting them in chains when they were recovered. In a newspaper advertisement for a runaway slave, he offered an extra $10 for every 100 lashes doled out to Tom, a 30-year-old slave who ran away in 1804. 
- and destroying Native American ancestral lands, culture, tribal identities and lives:
African-Americans weren’t the only people Jackson felt should be subservient to wealthy white men. His presidency is perhaps best remembered for his cruelty to Native Americans. A proponent of “Indian removal,” Jackson wanted to clear newly acquired territories of the Native Americans who lived there so that white settlers could claim the land as their own.  
Jackson’s Indian Removal Act resulted in the forced displacement of nearly 50,000 Native Americans and opened up 25 million acres of Native American land to white settlement.... Tens of thousands died during forced removals like the Trail of Tears in what is now Oklahoma; languages died out as Native Americans were forced to assimilate; and Native Americans who were forcefully displaced still struggle with poverty and intergenerational trauma.  
So, naturally, c) the White House has moved Trump's GOP convention nominating acceptance speech this summer to...Jacksonville, which, d) was named after Andrew Jackson, the city tells us:
The year 1821 marks Florida’s entry to be a U.S. territory. Plantations had become important economic centers along the St. Johns River. Two settlers donated land on the north bank of Cowford to establish a “proper” town in 1822 and the site was renamed Jacksonville, in honor of the territory’s first provisional governor, Andrew Jackson, who never set foot in the town, but went on to become the seventh U.S. President.
So at this moment in US history, what location for Trump's coronating speech could be more fitting? 


Anonymous said...

Elephantine Donald Trump never forgets a slight. Trump awarded G7 Summit to his own bedbugs infested hotel Doral Miami golf course. No dice. So, leading the GOP by the nose, Trump spurns Charlotte, will accept GOP nomination in Jacksonville instead.

Anonymous said...

Federal judge tells trumpy to turn over tax returns to Manhattan DA. Here we go again ... trumpy ambulance chasers whining already to rightwimg Supreme Court. Who could have guessed trumpy would be in non-compliance with a court order again?