Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Brave WI DNR expert speaks out for clean air

Props to a courageous public servant inside Scott Walker's 'chamber of commerce mentality' DNR for calling attention publicly to one of the WI GOP's many pro-corporate, pollution-enabling initiatives:
A bill supported by Republicans and business groups that would do away with state regulation of hazardous air pollutants has an unusual critic — a Department of Natural Resources expert who says the measure would weaken health protections in Wisconsin.
"Is that what you want — more emissions of hazardous air pollutants being emitted?” Jeff Myers, an environmental toxicologist for the DNR, asked lawmakers last month.
And it's disgustingly accurate that the reporting calls the expert's opposition "unusual," given that he is an environmental toxicologist in the very agency where such public service activity had been been correctly focused before Walker began wrecking the agency.

It's only unusual because Walker has handed over DNR management to the dirty air and water lobbies, with the support of the Legislature and Attorney General  who already has a record of going easy on air polluters.

So little wonder that corporately-obeisant legislators would follow Schimel's lead and continue to weaken clean air management in the public interest, just as they are doing with groundwater, rivers, lakes and streams.
Smoke stacks from a factory.  

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