Saturday, December 16, 2017

In Walker's WI, manure spill, slow response, dead trout

Wisconsin's fast-growing but barely-regulated (that is, without groundwater pumping oversight and not much pollution enforcement, a friend notes) industrial-scale cattle feeding operations produced 
30,000 gallons of flowing manure in this polluted day-in-the-life of Vernon County - - but not to worry, as noted no-friend-of-the environment Attorney General Brad Schimel has the case on his desk:
[All parties] found a large accumulation of manure solids and pools of liquid manure in the ‘intermittent stream...’approaching the confluence with Otter Creek, manure solids were found before and after the second dam, along the streambed.
Walking down alongside Otter Creek, the first dead trout were found 20 feet below the confluence of the intermittent stream and Otter Creek. Continuing on down the creek, more dead trout were found and manure solids were observed along the creek bed...a grand total of 94 Brook Trout, 1,069 Brown Trout, two Tiger Trout, one White Sucker, and one Brook Stickleback were collected. Of these, 18 Brook Trout and 203 Brown Trout were age one and older.

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