Friday, December 8, 2017

From the WI DNR on climate change, crickets

When it comes to climate change, Bucky's denial is even deeper than Donald Trump's and Scott Pruitt, the US EPA's fossil fuel-embracing boss.

Here's how and why.

We're coming up on the one-year anniversary of this blog discovering that the Wisconsin DNR had scrubbed climate change science and related links from its web pages.

So I asked DNR spokesman James Dick and new agency Secretary Dan Meyer by email several times over the last ten days or so if, given the Trump administration's recent acknowledgement of the human role in climate change, the DNR intended to repost what it had deleted.

I'd included this paragraph and link in my emails to the DNR officials to a story in The New York Times about the Trump administration's action:
The Trump administration released the government's latest climate change assessment which concluded that climate change is human caused. Here is a link to that reporting which also includes a link to the assessment.
However, I got no response to my emails. Not even a 'no comment.'

Sure does seem relevant to Wisconsin, what with severe storm damage occurring frequently while state and local governments at its behest are also committing $3.74 billion in subsidies to Foxconn so it can build in a flood prone county.

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