Sunday, December 17, 2017

Walker's tightening Big Government embrace

Already finding $30 million for Foxconn roadwork, and draining $134 million from Wisconsin transportation needs statewide for Foxconn, GOP Gov. and principle-free hypocrite Scott Walker wants a huge gob ($246 million) of a limited pool of federal funds ro pay for Foxconn-related highway expansion which Wisconsin cannot afford on its own.

So add $400 million to what is usually described as a $3.74 billion state, local and maybe federal handout to the Taiwan-based TV screen assembler which Walker negotiated on a single-sheet of paper.

Walker loves to turn down federal funds - - whether for Amtrak expansion, wider Medicaid health insurance coverage or broadband infrastructure - -  when it fits his very flexible anti-government narrative.

So look for Walker without any regard for public sector ethics to bolster his search for federal funds during a re-election campaign wrapped in the Foxconn project by serving as a willfully-blind Trump suck-up
Gov. Scott Walker said Friday he didn’t know enough about sexual harassment accusations against President Donald Trump to say whether they were true. 
As good, old-fashioned Republican conviviality...
 “I haven’t seen most of the things that have been reported (about the accusations against Trump),” Walker told reporters after lighting the Christmas tree at the state Capitol.
...masks a shameless federal bailout pitch. 

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Anonymous said...

And when Walker turned down rejected the rail funding he said he didn't want the people of Wisconsin on the hook for ongoing expenses once the federal government cut funding for it. And yet it is he who has come to see Wisconsin citizens as his own piggy bank and is quite actively raiding said bank.