Thursday, December 14, 2017

GOP's true 'principle': reward owners, screw consumers

When you hear Republicans hail elected officials' control of policy-making boards and commissions, grab the kids and run.

*  Case in point: Republicans and Donald Trump have relentlessly attacked the Elizabeth Warren-created Consumer Financial Protection Board for its:

uniquely independent role in government—which has long been a sticking point for conservatives...
* And are hamstringing it further with a newly-installed Trump leader.
Trump pick to head consumer protection office at work despite legal challenge
Official Portrait of President Donald Trump.jpg
* On the other hand, when a board majority of appointed, anti-consumer policy-makers running a separate regulatory agency - - the Federal Communications Commissioners - - set in motion today the likelihood of higher Internet rates and tightened public access without Congressional approvalTeam Trump loved the FCC's independent decision.
Trump's FCC votes to repeal net neutrality
Because has nothing to do with anything as quaint as a principle about decision-making, and everything to do with tilting government power and revenue away from consumers and towards Republican special interests.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you're expressing these things. It's just that many others have noticed the same thing for a long time now. This is like noticing that tobacco is bad (which it is), yet letting that industry dictate what we as voters should accept.

This GOP onslaught became especially pronounced after they and the tobacco industry lost the huge court case in the 1990s. Then the U.S. Chamber of Commerce went after the judiciary. Avoiding this observation is a big part of why we have Rebecca Bradley, etc., dominating our State Supreme Court. When journalistic news coverage is bland and late, consuming Dems pay the price.