Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The GOP is now the Pollution Party

Party rebranding: The GOP of Trump and Walker has remade itself into the Pollution Party.

How else to frame the return of former McDonald's manager, Trump campaign rally cheerleader and anti-science ideologue Cathy Stepp as director of the key, five-state EPA region and Great Lakes ecosystem?

How else to frame the further degradation of the US EPA under Trump and climate change denier Scott Pruitt?

How else to frame the selloff of the Wisconsin environment which Stepp carried out in the name of Walker's 'chamber of commerce mentality' and his big business bellhops in the Legislature and Attorney General's office as they sped up the give away of the state's rivers, wetlands, clean air and streams to any mining company or developer or manure manufacturer who wants them?

Put that elephant emblem on the shelf. It's disrespectful of a dignified, living creature whose existence is threatened by the Donald Trump Jr's of the world.

Here's the logo of the new Pollution Party.

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