Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Familiar environment hater in charge of WI, Midwest EPA

I didn't think things could get worse for the Walker-degraded Wisconsin environment. I was wrong.
Former Wisconsin DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp to take charge of EPA's Midwest regional office
Bad enough that she demeaned and mocked the DNR before Walker put her in charge there for almost seven years to hassle union workers whom she could not completely control like the McDonald's burger-flippers she could move around the premises with ease:
There was even a management firm's video of Stepp's hostility which captured her dismissal of staffers she griped that she couldn't easily fire - - employees too tied into an Earth Day mentality and who refused to share her appreciation for "inspired" Scott Walker - - but the video was taken down.
But use her time, she did, to delete climate change data and information, evade responsibility for agency failures, dismantle the science bureau and endorse polluter self-regulation, help fill wetlands, disregard health & clean water inspections, enable watershed-crusing mining and lay the groundwork for the water-hogging, land despoiling Foxconn development within a stone's throw of the Great Lakes she can now oversee degrade for corporate interests from a regional public-sector perch she should never have been let near.

Though, in fairness, she brought Halloween party cheer to DNR offices. And remember, desserts were on the 7th floor!!!

This is like appointing the Marlboro Man as US Surgeon General, or Donald Trump, Jr., as head of the Humane Society.

A couple of reminders of the bad recent old days here and here as we un-retire the photo that said it all and begin our public interest surveillance anew.

Wisconsin DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp proudly shows off her first deer, taken opening weekend last year. In the upcoming TV Special "Deer Hunt Wisconsin 2012, Stepp urges male hunters to take more girls and women hunting. "The secret's out," she says. "Hunting is a lot of fun, so don't keep it to yourselves."  photo courtesy of Wisconsin DNR


Anonymous said...

OMG, is all I can say. Our poor, poor state. One thing immediately apparent..... the switch of CAFOs from DNR to DATCP can now take place without a hitch from the EPA.

But there will be worse to come. Cathy and Scott are tyrants. People will mock that, but they are.

Anonymous said...

Could they find anyone less qualified??? How sad for Wisconsin's environment.