Monday, December 18, 2017

Gov. Pothole and his Foxconn infatuation

Fool us once...well, you know the rest.

Walker knows that we know he's a) delaying the funding-deprived Zoo Interchange, and b) has no money to begin widening I-94 past Story Hill, and c) is shoveling hundreds of millions of road-building dollars into the Foxconn project, d) is begging the feds for even more Foxconn road-building millions - - all of which short-changes the rest of the state and does nothing to improve Wisconsin's second-worst road-repair rating.

Which is why I said last week that a campaigning - - and when isn't he? - - Walker would deny and distract taxpayers from his huge transportation funding tilt towards Southeastern Wisconsin, because at some point people in Northern or Western Wisconsin are going to be rightly ticked off that their money is being drained from transportation planning and construction so Walker can feed and fuel his fevered Foxconn folly.

Hence, Walker's politicized and propagandistic pose on Twitter about road-building:
 5 hours ago5 hours agoMoreA strong infrastructure is important for the people and businesses of Wisconsin. We’re proud to invest in our roads and bridges, all while cutting taxes and finishing projects on time. We’re moving Wisconsin forward.   


BR said...

"Governor Pothole" is a frame that could stick.

Joshua Skolnick said...

There was a Senator Pothole.