Saturday, December 23, 2017

Trump the Polluter takes aim at MN Boundary Waters

Neighboring Minnesota just suffered a sneak attack in the Trump administration's war on nature, public lands, public health and sound science, meaning the world-renowned Boundary Waters could become a mining company's toxic waste dump.

That because Trump's Interior Department and sham outdoors advocate Secretary Ryan Zinke have quietly green-lit currently-suspended sulfide metals' mining at the edge of Minnesota's precious Boundary Waters.

Seriously, the Boundary Waters are like Eden. 

What's next: fracking wells along the National Mall? Drilling rigs in the Reflecting Pool? 

Add that outrage, that insanity ready to he unleashed in the blue-state Minnesota wilderness to the relentless attack on Wisconsin wetlands and waters in bordering Wisconsin by Trump apologist Gov. Scott Trump's hiring of non-science developer and ex-McDonald's manager Cathy Stepp from Team Walker to run the EPA's Great Lakes region for its climate change denying and fossil fuel boosting Administrator Scott the Interior Department's unprecedented transfer of to private business of national monument acreage held for the people in Western states.

Not content with already having most of the country's power and wealth, and taking benefits from all three branches of government - - and, likewise, most of the states - - and about to drown in fresh billions sent through permanent tax breaks by lapdogs named Ryan and McConnell, Republicans and big business want more from the public sector and commons the 1% is intentionally draining. 

The environment? 

A sidebar, irrelevant. 

Contamination and degradation? Mere collateral damage, far from the country club, primo vacation homes and other insulators from the wreckage they are leaving behind in filled wetlands, sulfide mining acidic runoff, polluted drinking water, dirty air.

As I said the other day, the GOP is now the Pollution Party:
Party rebranding: The GOP of Trump and Walker has remade itself into the Pollution Party.

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