Friday, December 15, 2017

Expect Walker to deny, distract over $30 mil. Foxconn road

I'm sure the Governor will spin the gaudy $30 million for new highway construction his allegedly cash-strapped WisDOT just gift-wrapped for Foxconn as just another win for Green Bay, and I'm not talking about a "w" for the 7-6 Packers.

As I said Sunday, Walker is using our money to bet his re-election on convincing taxpayers far from Foxconn's site in SE Wisconsin that what's good for Mount Pleasant there is good for Mount Horeb, Mount Hope and Mount Calvary, too:
Taxpayers paid for a thinly-veiled Scott Walker re-campaign visit to Green Bay last week, as our right-wing Governor and Foxconn bellhop keeps trying to convince taxpayers far from the Racine-to-Chicago Foxconn gravy train that they will benefit from the $3 billion in public subsidies collected from taxpayers statewide that Walker is shoveling to Foxconn at the expense of programs and growth in all 72 counties...
Send Walker back when the winter thaw leaves Brown County with a few thousand new potholes that can't be repaired because I-94 near the Foxconn site needs another lane
Here is a single blog post with more than 100 archived items following the Foxconn story.
Or, Walker will will duck the road spending disparity altogether, since he's got state-paid drivers to shuttle him around on roads that have crumbled on his watch to second-worst in the country.

Paying for front-end alignments and new tires is for the little people.


Anonymous said...

He doesn't ride in a car. He flies from closed campaign stop to closed campaign stop in a state plane. The only roads he travels on are from the Executive Residence to the airport.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Cost is now $134 million, as state DOT is turning local roads into state highways near Foxconn, and taking that money away from roads in the rest of the state.

None of this was mentioned or debated in the State Legislature, or the Joint Finance Committee