Friday, August 17, 2012

Ryan's Hypocrisy On Stimulus Funds Leading Wash Post Online

It takes a few days for stories to break into the national media, but Paul Ryan's duplicity on earmarks as well as the Obama stimulus - - swearing off earmarks while continuing to solicit them, and blasting the stimulus while begging for funding, then looking for credit in his district for bringing home bacon - - is at the top of The Washington Post's online edition:

In several instances, he sought earmarks opposed by the George W. Bush administration. In 2009, he urged the Obama administration to award millions of economic stimulus dollars for “green” jobs in his district, even though he had voted against the stimulus package that year.

The congressman’s stance on federal dollars drew more attention this week when he denied that he had ever sought stimulus dollars in an interview with a Cincinnati television station. Earlier he had made the same claim on a Boston radio show.

He backtracked Thursday and acknowledged he had sought stimulus funds, but he said his office had mishandled the requests. He continued to voice opposition to the stimulus program, which he has called a “wasteful spending spree.’’


Anonymous said...

I assume that all of the Democrats who voted against the Bush tax cuts are not taking them and voluntary contributing the difference to the IRS? Because if you are not you are a hypocrite!

A. Wag said...

The only stimulus funds he seems to be for are the self-stimulating kind.