Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Routine Republican Response: 'N-O!'

*  Wisconsin GOP US Senate candidate Tommy Thompson, on releasing his tax returns:

No. (Actually, his exact comment was: "The answer is N-O. What part don't you understand?")
*  GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, on releasing more than one year's tax returns, and one year's estimates - - as have other candidates routinely:
*  Cong. and GOP Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, on having solicited Obama stimulus funding:
No. (Later, 'OK, yes I did, several times, but it was my staff's fault.') 
*  Missouri GOP Senate candidate Cong. Todd Akin, on dropping out of the race after his "legitimate rape"comments:
*  Iowa GOP Congressman Steve King, a Todd Akin backer, on whether incest or statutory rape can lead to pregnancy:

          No. (Actually, his exact comment was, "Well, I just haven’t heard of that being a circumstance that’s been brought to me in any personal way and I’d be open to hearing discussion about that subject matter.")

*  Paul Ryan, on allowing abortion in cases of rape and incest:
No.  (Later, 'OK, yes in rape cases, but only because it's Romney's position.')
* Any chance the Republican Party platform being prepared for next week's convention in Tampa will soften its long-standing position on allowing abortion in cases of rape and incest?


CJ said...

The Republicans have been the party of "NO" ever since Obama was elected.

Anonymous said...

You are right to say the GOP has been the party of N-O since Obama was elected.
They also use that N-O to evade accountabilty, becuase they hold their big ideas dearly. I, as a progressive Democrat, think their ideas are deranged.
Scott Walker also uses the N-O when asked questions like what the John Doe proceedings ask.
What is he hiding?
What are Romney and Thompson hiding?

Ron R said...

I still don't understand why the Democrats don't just get Romney's tax returns from "Dirty Harry" Reid. He claims to know exactly what Romney's paid in taxes.