Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ryan Unmasked In Devastating Washington Post Column


I don't recall seeing a piece in a major paper with such a headline and opening:

Recognizing Paul Ryan’s ‘tell’ when he is trying to avoid something

In poker a “tell” is the physical giveaway or tic that lets you know someone is lying about his or her hand. In politics it’s the mode of evasion a politician chooses to sidestep a truth he or she doesn’t want to admit or to avoid saying something against self-interest. In his debut interview with Fox News’ Brit Hume Tuesday, Rep. Paul Ryan’s “tells” were audacious and revealing. They suggest an opening Democrats would be wise to pursue.


Reagan's Disciple said...

A 25 year plan to balance the budget sounds better than no plan at all with a continuation of exploding debts in the trillions.

Perhaps we should compare Ryan's budget to Obama's, you know, the one that was voted down 100-0 in the Senate.

To put Obama in the same league as Ryan when it comes to Fiscal matters is like having DePere HS play the Green Bay Packers. (with no disrespect meant towards DePere). Obama is not even in the same league.

Can't wait for the Ryan-Biden debate!

Anonymous said...

So Paul Ryan espouses Ayn Rand's Gospel of Greed and the debunked theory of trickle-down economics and that puts him in a league above the President who saved the American car industry?????

The U.S. isn't broke, we're being robbed by the corporate elite!