Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Todd Akin To America: Stop "Overreacting."

The GOP's fresh face says he's a patriot in the Missouri Senate race to stay, so take that, everyone "overreacting" to his rapey commentary:

By taking this stand, this is going to strengthen our country,” Akin said Tuesday. “It will strengthen the Republican Party.”
He also said his party has had “a little bit of an overreaction” to his comments, which he argues were not morally or ethically wrong, just “a word in the wrong place.”


Anonymous said...

His comments are so offensive to women. No one is overreacting, we see that he thinks we decide when we get pregnant or not without birth control. There are no words to explain how angry someone like that makes me feel.

Anonymous said...

‎This Todd Akin rape controversy is truly mesmerizing. his opponent for senate looks like she's having the time of her life. (as she should!) also I think this exceeds the Republican primaries as the best television ever - to watch the GOP face its own internal contradictions, live, is both very substantive and completely entertaining.

Betsey said...

@ Commenter at 5:08 PM August 21:

I'm as furious as you. Though men can be rape victims too, women are far more likely to be raped. I think the latest statistic is that one in three women will experience some type of sexual assault by age 40.

That Todd didn't see the insensitivity of his comments until he related it to his own family--he's the father of two daughters!--renders him unfit to represent a US Congressional District, much less a US Senate one. Todd is collecting a rather healthy paycheck and some pretty nice bennies (thanks to you and me) to represent his district. If he can't figure out that some of his constituents have been raped or sexually harassed, not only should he stop his Senate campaign, but resign his Congressional seat as well. Unfit to serve and an ignorant jackass to boot.

I'm sure Todd would like this to all go away so that he can continue in his ignorance, bigotry and narrow-mindedness. However, the more we women think about this, the more outraged we become.