Friday, August 24, 2012

Climate Change May Soak, Define GOP Tampa Convention

I was getting ready to write about the ironies of the GOP's climate change denial position should a major storm disrupt the Tampa convention, but hurricane Isaac and the National Journal beat me to it.

While scientists caution that no single weather event can be directly attributed to climate change, major weather events associated with climate change, such as this summer’s drought, and the 2005 hurricanes Katrina and Rita, tend to fire up the incendiary debate about climate change -- which could happen once again if a massive political convention gets hit by a major storm.

The Republican party has shifted hard to the right on climate change since the last presidential election -- in 2008, McCain campaigned on the promise of tackling climate change, and embraced the cap-and-trade policy that has since become politically toxic within his own party. Now, denying the scientific findings linking oil and coal pollution to climate change has become mainstream in the GOP, and nominee Mitt Romney has publicly walked back his formerly expressed views that humans contribute to global warming. 
And Romney just yesterday outlined a plan to greatly expand fossil-fuel exploration and dependency, so has set the table for a full discussion of the consequences of fossil-fuel combustion = = greenhouse gas production and release, which scientists say is directly related to an overheating planet and more extreme weather.

Let's hope no one is injured as Isaac approaches or strikes Tampa, though the possibility of a political storm in any case is more than likely. 


Anonymous said...

Here’s a story you may have missed: 660 new low temperature records were set in the US just last week.

If the subject of global warming comes up at the GOP convention, it will most likely be in the form of comic relief and how the democrats almost destroyed the economy even more than they already have by promoting a senseless and bogus cap and trade scheme.

James Rowen said...

Comic relief? yeah. the 2012 drought and fires have been side-splitters.

Anonymous said...

It is not the droughts that are funny, it is the goofballs who think that they are caused by the choices people make when buying cars and light bulbs and there fore the climate can be manipulated by consumer buying choices that is the real side splitter.

Romney will get us back to drilling for oil, and the state senate will get us back mining. The liberals will howl and pout and that will be really entertaining!

With that colder weather coming, I am thinking that a good wolf coat would be nice and warm.

Sue said...

I used to laugh at the idea that God sent Katrina to wipe out the gays in New Orleans, especially when he missed and got poor, mostly minority people instead.
Now, well, sending a hurricane to Tampa as a message to an errant group of believers is just the biblical ticket.
Hopefully his aim has improved.

ALGORE IS RIGHT!!!!! said...

Global warming is producing a hurricane which will destroy the GOP convention!!!
This is great news!!
and funny!!
Global warming deniers being killed by global warming!!
Just watch as the global warming hurricane wipes out the entire GOP!!!
I can hardly wait!!
I cannot stop watching the weather channel and how the hurricane is going to destroy the GOP!!
The deniers will all be destroyed!!
deniers destroyed by what they deny!!
I can't wait!!!!!!
AlGORe is RIGHT!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I predict your prayed for 'hurricane' will fall apart and become little more than a good rain. Of course you will say this is some sign from God anyway. Lol!