Thursday, August 30, 2012

Walker Ambushed By Team MSNBC, Stumbles Over Janesville GM Plant Talking Point

Kudos to the MSNBC crew for coming into an NBC interview with Scott Walker and, led by Rachel Maddow, challenging Scott Walker on the timing of the Janesville GM plant closing.

I'll bet the scripted and cautious Walker never figured he'd find himself on MSNBC and struggling to get his spin heard. And he complained that the hosts, also including Al Sharpton were talking over him - - a classic talk radio host ploy.

Ryan and Walker blamed President Obama for the plant closing, but the decision was GM's and was done during the closing weeks of George W. Bush's presidency.

Walker oddly told Maddow and Ed Schultz that the auto bailout plan should have been more generous.

What: More Big Government?

Side note: Walker has failed to bring new work into the plant, though he's been governor for a year and a half, with a new Commerce Department to micro-manage precisely for situations like Janesville.

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Anonymous said...

They interviewed Alberta Darling who parroted all the Republican talking points.