Monday, August 20, 2012

GOP Calls For Todd Akin To Quit Missouri Senate Race, But...

It's OK to pick and showcase Paul Ryan for the GOP Vice-Presidential slot while he always fought - - until Akin's comments - - abortion rights for rape victims?

Is the issue Akin's reprehensible words or the suffering by policy and party ideology he and other hard-line abortion opponents like Ryan are willing to inflict on victims?

In other words, Ryan is saying that if you choose to take that ride home, that free drink, that candy from the baby sitter or Uncle-what's-his-name, or the nice man in the van who might be 6' 4" and 245 lbs - - you bear the consequences.

Because your "personhood" rights are secondary. From the PolitFact piece:
Ryan is among 64 House Republicans who co-sponsored the Sanctity of Human Life Act, an anti-abortion bill that declares that human life shall be deemed to begin at fertilization, and should be protected from that point.

The legislation, which has stalled, reflects the budding movement -- endorsed by Ryan -- to enact "personhood" rights for the unborn.

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A. Wag said...

He might as well quit the Missouri Senate race as he apparently already opted out of the human race.