Friday, August 24, 2012

Hardly Breaking News: Limbaugh Got His Facts Wrong

Just for the record:

America's leading reactionary blowhard, in rushing to slur President Obama as responsible in the wake of the Manhattan shooting, even got the basic facts of the shooting wrong, too.

Limbaugh said the gunman "killed his boss" and wondered aloud if Obama's criticisms of bosses - - who/where/when??? - - had set the gunman off.

The New York Times this evening has a long and sad piece about the shooter - - a designer, and the victim - - not the shooter's boss.

Just a salesman and co-worker.


Anonymous said...

Considering the nonsense you post, Rush is comparatively sane, measured and accurate

Anony Too said...

Anonymous 6:08 AM:

Are you competing with Rush Limbo for the America's Leading Reactionary title? You put up quite a challenge there.

Considering your comment, Limbo IS comparatively sane, measured and accurate--even in his criminal insanity. Now that we know Rush abuses drugs (and quite possibly Puerto Rican underage girls) in his free time, it's just so difficult to know what part of his schtick is due to the drugs, and what part is his out-sized ego working hand-in-pants with his under-sized intellect.

Have a happy afternoon, Enjoy your evening meds.