Thursday, August 23, 2012

Scot Ross Sees Ryan Serving Flat GOP Brew

Nicely-done op-ed by OWN's Scot Ross:

You may know that U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan is the first member of Generation X slated on a major party presidential ticket. But if you think this translates into Ryan offering a fresh, forward-thinking approach, speaking to the challenges facing his generational peers, "don't believe the hype," as our 1988 Gen X anthem goes.
[Ross is Executive Director of One Wisconsin Now. I sit on OWN's C-3 Institute board.]

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Anonymous said...

Simply put, Ryan wants to wipe out the progressive tax code, as well as the progressivism that created it.
I am a college student, years older than most, and my graduation has been delayed due to lack of financial aid and the State not providing enough money for universities to offer enough classes.
You try to sign up for classes, they're already filled, and you have to wait another semester to take the class you need to complete the degree requirements.
Pell grants provide the majority of tuition and textbook and living expenses, and they've gone away due to people like Paul Ryan.
The problem for the past several years has been the government not taking in enough revenue. The wealthy and corporations have been successful at reducing the taxes they pay, and shifting the tax burden on the poorer individual tax payer.