Sunday, August 19, 2012

Constitutional Amendment Would Send More State Funds To Local Roads

1000 Friends of Wisconsin, an environmental and land use policy organization, is promoting a statewide referendum that would amend the state constitution to direct half of all state gas tax and vehicle fee collections to local roads, as they make up about 90% of the Wisconsin roadway system but get only about 30% of the funding: major highways eat up most of these revenues.

That sort of redistribution would take the pressure of local property taxes, and add ome balance to the state transportation system.

An interesting idea. We'll follow it, and you can see the group's powerpoint on the idea, here.


Pot Hole said...

An idea that is well worth supporting. Not only would there be more focus on local roads but jobs for road construction would reflect local demographics. Then again- would companies like Zenith Tech which seems to have every road building project in the state put pressure on the Republicons to thwart this.

48MPG RECENTLY said...

So now we're going to punish hybrids owners because they use less gas? BIZZARO!

James Rowen said...

@48mpg recently: Agreed. As a hybrid owner, wow, what an idiotic owner. Maybe the state should give a rebate to every Hummer driver.