Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tommy The Taxer Raises More Questions About His Taxes

Years ago, Bruce Murphy in Milwaukee Magazine called Gov. Tommy Thompson "Tommy the taxer" for his big government spending ways.

Now Tommy will not release his personal tax returns - - as I noted yesterday - -  but is claiming he pays 31% of his gross income in taxes.

Does he mean in Federal taxes?

Or does he mean 31% against all income, and with all taxes combined, including, say property taxes?

Or maybe Tommy needs a better accountant.

There's plenty unsatisfying about this 'trust me,' but parsed disclosure.

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Boxer said...

Last night on Mike Gousha's interview, TT swore up and down that he pays 31- 32% of his gross income in taxes--"more than anybody" he attests, and then offered to give Gousha his tax accountant's phone number to verify it. But still would not release his tax returns. A chip off the old Romney.

Speaking of vehemently refusing to turn over tax returns, did anyone note in Ann Romney's interview (where she said to turn over tax returns would only give their enemies "ammunition") that she said they give 10% of their income to "charity"? Ten percent is the minimum amount the Mormon church requires as a tithe, and the LDS church is arguably not a charity, not in the way she inferred it was. That's why we need to see those returns, Ann!