Friday, August 24, 2012

Former Federal Budget Director Lays Bare The Ryan $$ Myth

Despite what you will hear in GOP commercials, the Ryan budget does not reduce the deficit. A great explanation of The Ryan Myths:

I’ve worked closely with Rep. Paul Ryan. He’s an honest and amiable guy. In part because of his winning personality, Ryan, Mitt Romney’s running mate in the presidential election, has convinced many in Washington that his budget blueprint is a serious proposal for solving our long-term fiscal problems. Unfortunately, it’s not. Let’s dig into the asterisks of Ryan’s plan and unearth the fine print.


Anonymous said...

I don’t know about the Ryan budget plan, and it is somewhat irrelevant since it is Romney who is at the top of the ticket. The Obama budget plan is what we really need to focus on and how destructive it has been to the country.

Paul Ryan is a smart, honorable, principled individual and Wisconsin should be proud to elect him as vice president of the country.

Anonymous said...

Democracy only works if its citizens are well-informed about their choices. Just MAYBE Anonymous should really learn all about what they are voting on. Imagine if our Legislature acted as Anonymous did, making personalities the issue.
Local guy made "good," that's all that matters. Did you vote for Joe McCarthy?
W was the top of his ticket, yet Cheney was the big policy guy. Romney's only acceptance within GOP ranks is that he's made a lot of money, and Ryan is not honorable at all. He's principled, but for all the WRONG causes.