Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ryan, Senate Primary, Knock Walker From The Headlines

Scott Walker?

Who he?

For most of the last two years, you couldn't pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV news or open a political blog in Wisconsin without reading or seeing a Walker story as the lede  - - other than those crazy days when David Prosser either snapped or recused himself into the headlines.

But of late? Walker shapeshifted from the Desperado to the Disappeared, save for a few minutes there when he thought he needed to make an endorsement in the GOP primary to help voters choose which guy in a dark suit and red tie was right-wing enough to make an acceptable RoJo sidekick.

But now Paul Ryan has leap-frogged over Walker nationally as the latest, greatest Republican Cheesehead of them all, and beginning tonight, either Eric Hovde or Tommy Thompson (my head says Hovde, my heart says Tommy) will get the lion's share of the media's attention about Republicans in-state between now and November.

Leaving Walker to live out the summer and fall in relative obscurity.

Of course, as a certified Wisconsin Young Gun, we'll see him on-stage for a cameo at the GOP Convention, hailed, nay worshipped, as the Great Union-Slayer, but after the cheering dies down he'll be but a bit player, an extra in the rest of the Romney-Ryan drama in Tampa, ...unless...

...John Doe comes a-callin', upending Scott Walker's low-visibility summer off, putting him back in the news again, and forcing the other Young Guns - - Ryan and Reince Priebus - - to spin their way clear or become collateral damage.


Anonymous said...

Is the John Doe still a possibility? How long must we wait?

Anonymous said...

He posted on FB yesterday with a picture of him and other leaders announcing the creation of the " water accelerator"?Nothing in the paper today,

Anonymous said...

Oops- Walker is mentioned in the Business section today - his FB post said something about a water accelerator yet nothing is mentioned of the term "accelerator" ?

Reagan's Disciple said...

@ anon 8:50,

Probably forever, don't you think they would have come up with something by now?

CJ said...

Living in relative obscurity.... No. We want him to remain under the microscope. There's plenty of interweb and news rag to cover them all.

@Reagan's Disciple- They have been coming up with something and it looks like it's of deeper and wider breadth than I could have imagined. Looks like Ryan might be part and parcel to the package. No sense blowing it wide open until they've got all the ducks lined up.

Reagan's Disciple said...

okay CJ... wink, wink. I heard they traced it back to the 2nd Reagan Administration.

Anonymous said...

the 2nd Reagan Administration = the Dementia Administration.