Sunday, August 12, 2012

Romney/Ryan Rallying In Waukesha, Not Janesville

[Originally posted at 2:11 a.m.] The two Republican one-percenters in matching blue shirts - - probable GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, the quarter-billionaire, along side Veep pick and new campaign-trail buddy Cong. Paul Ryan - - are headed to Wisconsin today, but to deep, dark red Waukesha and not to Ryan's blue-collar home town Janesville for the candidates' "homecoming."

Well, you say, Waukesha County has more regular GOP voters than any county in Wisconsin, and you can count on the City of Waukesha, formerly Spring City but now a County seat looking for a big fat federal water system earmark from Republican Congressman-for-life Jim Sensenbrenner to give those "R" fellas a rousing welcome.

But don't forget that Janesville's signature but shuttered GM and Parker Pen assembly plants don't exactly offer TV crews the kind of news-at-10 "B-roll" footage that the candidates' handlers are looking for.

And Janesville is where pesky print reporters might encounter everyday folk not caught up on their Ayn Rand, or entirely enamored with the Ryan 'budget,' and Romney's horsey elitism, or skimpy Medicare vouchers or cuts to social programs both the candidates say they want to fund more tax breaks for Paul and Mitt's allies over at ALEC and Americans for Prosperity.

So Waukesha - - or is it Earmark City? - - it is for Ryan's Veepstakes selection victory lap, while Janesville is kept in the background today (and tomorrow, too - - Des Moines, Iowa, hello!) - - though no doubt Ryan's new campaign biographers will craft some Morning in America images of home -  well, not his actual home, known as the Parker Mansion - - to boost a scripted, small town, Midwestern values, regular guy myth.


Anonymous said...

Ryan, Sensenbrennan,and Romney can all stop by the Waukesha Water Utility for a photo-op.

We'll see justwait and see just how fiscally conservative the federal government will become.

50 million federal dollars for new water pipes in a wealthy community like Oak Creek?

Anonymous said...

Being a resident of Waukesha, it disgusts me to think that the RR campaign is having a 'homecoming' right here. The city of Waukesha is not that red. The county is obviously, but the city is the most democratic city in the county. Other more republican cities would be Brookfield, Oconomowoc, pretty much any city other than Waukesha. Your point is well taken, why not go to Janesville? You're not from Waukesha, and it's not even in your district. Nobody here has cast a vote for Paul Ryan.

AlGore is Right!!!! said...

Paul Ryan is a climate change denier! He believes the climategate scandal! He doesn’t believe Jim Hansen! HE DOES NOT BELIEVE ALGORE!!!!!!!

Romney and Ryan must be stopped at all costs!!
They will kill the planet!!
This is not good!!
This is awful!!!!
They will win Wisconsin!!
and then the election!!
and they will kill the planet!!
Stop them!!
stop them now!!
Stop the anti science planet killers!!

I am too upset to go on.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

And they probably didn't want reporters snooping around the Ryan mansion and finding out it's on the National Register of Historic Places, giving Purty Mouth Paulie a nice tax credit.

We'll make sure the networks meet that reality soon enough.

drill, blast, dig said...

The pick of Paul Ryan as the Republican VP will surely energize the party in Wisconsin and will put Wisconsin in the limelight once again. The recent over whelming triumph of Scott Walker over the recall and now the Ryan announcement builds the momentum of the Republican party to even greater heights than the last election which brought Scott Walker to office. The temporary loss of the state senate majority now appears to be more certainly short-lived as the coat-tail effect should ensure a good solid majority in the senate which will make traitors like Dave Shultz totally irrelevant.

The WMC announcement of not dealing with Cullen and Jauch over mining legislation now looks even more promising and I am predicting that the first move of the next legislative session will be to pass the mining bill as it was passed in the assembly this year. The job killing Democrats will be bitch slapped silly and their heads are probably beginning to spin already. The state of Wisconsin will then start drilling, blasting and digging our way back into prosperity from the increased manufacturing of mining equipment in southern Wisconsin to the actual mining of ore in Northern Wisconsin.

With a reasonable DNR being developed at the state level and a reorganization of priorities of the EPA at the federal level after the Romney and Ryan win, we have the potential for an economic growth boom which we haven’t seen since world war two, especially with our frac sand being used to fuel increased energy production, which will lower costs and ensure market stability. The silly environmentalists are becoming exposed as having no credibility more and more every day and I see a bright economic future ahead as long as we stay on course.

Anonymous said...

The real men and women of Wisconsin will support Paul Ryan’s election to the vice presidency of the United States of America, as will all true Americans. The rest of you losers can just whine away and snivel and pout, we don’t care; we are just going to rebuild this country the way it was built the first time and your liberal political correctness is an obstacle which we will gladly, and effortlessly, crush along the way.

Hey, what’s that big letter “L” on your forehead? Oh yeah, that’s right…LOSER.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

I can't tell whether Anonymous 12:11pm is truly that much of a dead-ender and full of crap, or is writing some brilliant satire.

Whatever it is, this bump and meme of Ryan being some "humble, small town Midwestern guy" (when he is in fact a sociopathic D.C. insider of the worst kind) shouldn't last the end of the week.

Reagan's Disciple said...

@ Jake..

Or so you hope.