Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Milwaukee's Self-Important Sheriff Cuts Back On Obama Visit Security

It would take some imagination to upstage the President of the United States and temporarily supplant Wisconsin governor Scott Walker as the state's worst political ambassador to the nation - - but
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke - - you've done it.

On the eve of President Obama's visit to Milwaukee's Master Lock factory Wednesday, Clarke let it be known in the Journal Sentinel that because he lost some funding (and a bit of ego) in a budget battle with County Executive Chris Abele, the Sheriff's department just doesn't have the resources to fully staff the County's end of the presidential security detail when Obama is in town.

A Sheriff's Department spokesman said the staffing shortfall would not have an impact on the President's security - - so why make the pronouncement in the first place?

Let's put these two things on a scale: Clarke's Courthouse budget tiff, or keeping the President of the United States safe - - a part of Clarke's job.

Obama's security is a clear winner there, obvious to everyone except the grandiose, resentment-laden Clarke.


Anonymous said...

why don't you go and protect Odumbo???

Anonymous said...

What did you expect from a narcissistic sociopath like Clarke?

Max B said...

Let's just see if Clarke suddenly 'finds' more resources when the Republican frontrunner--or at least one of them--comes to town.