Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wisconsin's Republicans New Mantra: 'Can We Find An Activist Judge? Plu-eeze!'

Republicans and conservatives and other righteously self-reliant men and women of confident integrity regularly fuss about and sneer at plaintiffs who whine and go to court and present themselves as victims of this injustice or that unfairness and, through one of those hated trial lawyers. ask a judge to block or throw out a law or rule or action.

You've heard the Right's summary accusation: "Activist judges!" 

They might as well be saying, "You...you...liberals. Using the courts to get what you didn't or couldn't get (read: deserve) from some person or agency. Loser."

Well, the Madison Capitol shoe sure is on the other foot, or planted somewhere else, as three Republican state senators finding themselves facing properly-certified and scheduled-recall elections believe they and their lawyers have found a technicality in the paperwork and want a judge or judges to toss the whole thing.

So...this thing..this independent branch of government called a judiciary...with these judges...has a valuable role after all to play in a civil society?

Amazing. The situational and ephemeral and hypocritical world in which some political conservatives operate.

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