Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No-Nukes Germany Is A Bold Experiment

In the wake of Japan's nuclear power catastrophe, Germany - - Europe's leading economy - - makes an historic commitment to conservation, alternative and renewable energy generation by declaring it will abandon nuclear power by 2022.

I'm impressed: Can you image the US doing this, or as nuclear-dependent a state as Wisconsin?

Right now, we can't even get our new Governor - - the same guy who has stopped wind turbine and Amtrak expansions in the state - - to follow through on the plan to convert the UW's Charter St. coal-fired plant to biomass, (he is substituting natural gas.)


Ron R said...

What the flock does Amtrack expansion have to do with nuclear or alternative energy development??

James Rowen said...

People who ride trains are not each in a polluting vehicle.

Anonymous said...

So do you really believe that Germany is going to replace 25% of it's electrical generation with something less polluting than Nuclear?

Good luck with that.

And considering this is all about electric generation - to Ron R's point - wth does this have to do with Amtrak between Milwaukee and Madison?

And btw Rowen in case this has not dawned on you, trains pollute too.